Brain Damage Reversed by CPAP

Obstructive sleep apnea has many terrible side effects, one being brain damage. No, not the brain damage you’re thinking of…(the vegetative, unable to take care of yourself, type) More like damage to grey and white matter that cause impairments to cognition, mood, and daytime alertness. CPAP therapy has shown to reverse the damage done to the grey and white matter […]

Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Make Sure You Understand Which CPAP Machine You Need

Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Make Sure You Understand Which CPAP Machine You Need

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? If so, you’re not alone. Around 18 million Americans are estimated to have this condition, which causes you to stop breathing for anywhere from a few seconds to even a minute. Left untreated and undiagnosed, it can be dangerous and increase the risk of heart disease by three times and a stroke by four […]

AirSense 10 New Series of CPAP by ResMed (S10)

ResMed AirSense 10 Series Review The new AirSense reminds me of a story. A few years ago I was at a sleep conference in Minneapolis talking to Fisher and Paykel representatives over dinner and drinks about their new technology, SenseAwake. After hearing the sales pitch about this new algorithm my immediate interpretation of their description of this technology was to refer […]

Home Sleep Apnea Testing: A Positive Alternative for OSA Diagnosis and CPAP Compliance?

Home sleep apnea testing market continues to grow as more and more insurance companies decline reimbursement for in-lab diagnostic polysomnograms. This is not recent news and it doesn’t take much more than common sense to know that the average person that thinks they may have sleep apnea or  been told they have sleep apnea is looking for the most cost […]

Differences Between CPAP, Auto CPAP, and BiPAP Machines

I have found myself writing a lot of blogs that cater to people that have already been diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea which really isn’t fair to the greater percentage of the population that are unaware they even have sleep apnea (80-85% still remain undiagnosed).  For most people it’s not too hard to identify that they suffer from sleep […]

CPAP Mask Comparison and Reviews

CPAP Mask Reviews: Compare and Shop In the early 1900s during the automotive boom there were literally hundreds of different automobile manufacturers and models of cars. You wouldn’t know that today and it’s hard to rattle off more than a dozen because many of these car companies went under or were absorbed by other manufacturers and their models released into […]

What’s New With CPAP in 2012

What’s New With CPAP in 2012

Cuts to CPAP Reimbursement and CPAP Replacement Schedule Hold on to your hats; it’s an election year and the hot topic is still healthcare reform and reimbursement cuts. So what does this mean to the average CPAP user?  Considering most commercial insurance providers typically follow Medicare standards, the complete landscape of how often you get new CPAP supplies and the […]

1800CPAP Delivers A Good Night’s Sleep to Truckers

Home Sleep Apnea Testing for Truckers We are seeing an amazing increase in self pay home sleep apnea testing from people that work in the transportation industry and it’s not surprising as to why. The hot topic of conversation in the industry has been a law to mandate sleep apnea testing, CPAP therapy if the test was positive, and compliance reporting […]

Untreated Sleep Apnea and Death of Deadliest Catch Star

Sleep Apnea and Death I would like to start off by saying I am a huge fan of Discovery channel hit series Deadliest Catch and the personalities of the cast and crew that have entertained us for years. There are not many jobs out there where millions of people enjoy watching you simply do your job and work. I doubt I would be able […]

Auto CPAP Machines versus Fixed Pressure for Sleep Apnea

Are Auto CPAP Machines Better Than Fixed Pressure CPAP? Written By: Jason Smith, RPSGT Co-Written By: Jason Crowe Date: 2/29/12 There has been an on-going debate in the field of sleep medicine about Auto CPAP machines being used to establish CPAP pressures versus a patient coming back in to the sleep lab for a CPAP titration. Which of these protocols […]