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Welcome everyone!


Sorry it took us so long to get our forum back up and running.  We were had security issues that are now taken care of.  We really hope that this will be a place for our customer base to start talking with each other and sharing their success's and failures with CPAP use.  We will do special contest within this forum as well as polls designed to help you the customer find what's right for you.

Our main website 1800CPAP.COM will always be a click away so you can see the products that people discuss in here.  Here you will also be able to learn about the new products that are coming out.

We hope that you will find this forum useful and helpful.  Thanks in advance for helping us build a community of CPAP users that help each other.

If your account has been deleted and you are a legitimate person wanting to discuss things and not spam.  I apologize.  The spammers and hackers are hard to control.  We have to make sure they don't get in this time.   


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