CPAP Battery Pack for Camping and Travel

A Storm is Coming. Are You Prepared?

Great for Camping, Traveling, or Power Failure Solutions.
Great for Camping, Traveling, or Power Failure Solutions.

Affordable CPAP Battery Solutions for Camping and Travel

Excited to say it has arrived! A New Revolutionary CPAP Backup Power Supply & Travel Battery that will ensure continuous therapy all night long in the case of an overnight power outage. How does it work you ask? The CPAP Machine will run off the Medistrom backup battery when the regular power source is not available in situations such as power outages, camping, road trips, and during air travel. Not only that, but it comes with additional features that are essential during power outages such as a bright LED light and a USB port which can be used for charging cell phones and other handheld devices.

It comes in 2 versions; Pilot 12 which is compatible with Philips Respironics and other 12 voltage PAP machines and a Pilot 24 for Resmed S9 & Airsense 10. Each includes, a neat carrying pouch, and everything you need to set up. It is a very small light weight unit that fits nicely in your CPAP case at 1.8 pounds, 19x12x2 cm and is approved on all airlines which makes it perfect for traveling.

How long does it last? 2 full nights (16-18 hours) on a pressure 10 setting. With lower pressures it can last much longer. Note: there will be variances depending on what model CPAP, BiPAP or VPAP is used with this battery.

How is Medistrom different from other travel batteries? It is built with industrial grade genuine rechargeable lithium ion cells manufactured by LG® for superior quality. In addition there is a safety board built in to prevent overheating, overcharging and short circuits. This is important for Li-Ion batteries especially for tent camping.  Using such high quality cells also helps with the maintenance of the Medistrom cells as it only needs to be recharged every 6 months verses every 3 months like other travel batteries. When it is used a backup power supply you never have to worry about recharging as it does this automatically.

Overall, the superior quality and the multipurpose use of the Medistrom backup power supply & travel battery is what makes the product revolutionary and presently is the best option for CPAP users oppose to just another travel battery.

Customer #1

I’ve been waiting to get something like this for a while…. I’ve always had concerns with what happens when there is a power outage or if there is no power for the CPAP machine. I did a lot of research and there weren’t many options available, mostly just travel batteries. However, I finally discovered a product called Medistrom on 1800CPAP. It is a backup power supply and a travel battery that is compatible with almost all PAP machines including Resmed, Philips Respironics, Devillbiss etc… The Medistrom unit primary purpose is to be used as a nightly backup power supply so there is no interruptions in therapy. This was exactly what I was looking for! Without Humidity, it lasts 1 to 2 nights (14-18 hours) sometimes longer depending on the pressure used on the CPAP machine.

CPAP Battery
Great for Camping, Travel, or Power Failure Back Up

This was also perfect for my family annual camping trip as well. I tried using a couple other travel portable batteries but the length of time it took to recharge it wasn’t a convenient solution anymore.  The Medistrom backup battery can be charged with a car charger which only takes 2-3 hours to top up and lasted over 18 hours on a pressure 10. Also it is small, lightweight and can fit nicely into my CPAP case.  As this is not enough, the unit has a built in LED flashlight and USB port to charge phones. Presently this is the best option for CPAP users as it is so multipurpose oppose to just a travel battery!

Customer #2

My family goes on an annual camping trip and I always struggled with sleeping since I couldn’t bring my CPAP machine. I tried using the car battery for charging but it was very uncomfortable. My niece who is an RT recommended Medistrom which is a travel battery and a daily backup power supply. I am currently using it and as of now it has lasted 2 full nights and is still going… without any interruptions. Thanks Sarah! You are a life saver.

Respironics CPAP Battery
Battery Back Up System for Philips Respironics CPAPs

Customer #3

Last week there was a power outage around 11:30pm to 2am and my grandfather woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. I did some research to avoid the same situation and bought a product called Pilot 24. Apparently it’s a back-up power supply specifically designed for power outages. Luckily there were no more power outages since last week to try it out but we did use it as a travel battery and it lasted 2 nights. Not bad at all! J

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