CPAP Mask Fitting

Finding The Best CPAP Mask for You

The Best CPAP Mask for Your Nose

It can be very frustrating trying out different CPAP masks every night just trying to find the best CPAP mask for you. There are so many different types it can lead some people to just give up on CPAP therapy completely. While every other CPAP user that you know may tell you their mask is the best it doesn’t mean it is the best for you. We have created this infograph to help you get a better understanding about which mask style is right for you.

CPAP Mask Fitting
Did you know that your mask plays a very important role in long term compliance?

There are 4 types of mask categories; nasal, nasal pillow, full face and hybrids. Most people can use multiple styles of CPAP masks and still be fine but others, such as full face users, may be limited to just that style of mask because of other conditions. If you are a habitual mouth breather or have a deviated septum a nasal or pillow style mask simply will not be effective for you.

You should always speak with your sleep doctor when you are considering changing your mask style. In most cases that mask was chosen for you as the best option by the sleep technologist the night you stayed at the sleep clinic. It is always recommended to try multiple masks just to get a feeling of what the other feel like. For best results and to avoid mask leaks you should wipe down the cushion on a nightly basis because facial oils can build up causing irritation, leak and discomfort.

Do not over tighten the mask straps if you notice leakage, this could be a sign that you need a new headgear strap or to clean off your cushion seal (also, replace your cushion every 3-6 months).

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Jason Smith is recognized by the board of polysomnographic technologists (BRPT) as a registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) since 2003. He is also Director of Clinical Operations for 6 multi-state sleep diagnostic facilities including the nation’s largest 20 bed sleep disorder testing center. Jason has also been a Co-Author with two research publications featured in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.