For Her CPAP Products

The color pink has become a beacon of hope among women, activists, and supporters around the country, especially during the month of October. The tenth month of the year, of course, is breast cancer awareness month. In recognition, I am going to highlight all of the “For Her” products that we offer.

for her swift fx breast cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

CPAP/BiPAP Machines

airsense 10 for herResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet For Her

  • The AirSense™ 10 is compact, rugged and lightweight, with a stylish exterior, a host of premium features, intelligent enhancements, user friendly controls, and a brilliant AutoSet™ algorithm designed exclusively for women!
  • Women and men with sleep apnea exhibit different characteristics and face different challenges. That’s why ResMed created this machine, the first sleep apnea therapy device designed especially for women, female-specific therapy.
  • The AirSense 10 AutoSet™ for Her machine delivers a complete sleep therapy solution tailored just for women. This self-adjusting device also has an integrated humidifier and the optional ClimateLineAir™ heated tube designed to optimize your comfort.
  • The machine adjusts pressure levels through the night to ensure you receive the lowest possible pressure for successful sleep therapy.

s9 autoset for herResMed S9 AutoSet For Her

*Keep in mind, this machine is no longer sold new, and is only available as a certified refurbished version. While Supplies last.

  • This S9 AutoSet™ version has all the great features of the original S9 Auto.
  • ResMed builds upon the AutoSet™ Advantage algorithm and incorporates EPR with Easy-Breathe technology in a new, pink design.
  • The device comes with an H5i water chamber and an optional ClimateLine Heated Tube

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CPAP Full Face Masks

airfit f20 full face for herResMed AirFit™ F20 For Her Full Face

  • This AirFit™ F20 is specifically designed for female users, with stylish lavender accents and smaller size cushions.
  • The InfinitySeal™ Cushion technology is designed to provide a reliable seal regardless of sleep position.
  • Sizes include Small & Medium.

airfit f10 full face for herResMed AirFit™ F10 For Her Full Face

  • The AirFit™ F10 full face for Her was designed for women.
  • The mask is very comfortable and fits great!
  • Sizes include X-Small, Small & Medium.

quattro air full face for herResMed Quattro™ Air for Her Full Face

  • ResMed Quattro™ Air full face for Her was created for women.
  • It is the lightest full face mask on the market, and comes with pink headgear.
  • Sizes include X-Small, Small & Medium.

quattro fx full face for herResMed Quattro™ FX For Her Full Face

  • The Quattro™ FX offers a spring air cushion and no forehead support.
  • This mask is less obtrusive than other full face CPAP Masks.
  • Sizes include Small & Medium.

airfit f20 airtouch full face for herResMed AirTouch™ F20 For Her Full Face

  • ResMed’s AirTouch™ F20 full face uses an UltraSoft™ Memory Foam cushion.
  • The Mask Provides a light, ultra soft comfortable fit that conforms to the contours of your face.
  • Sizes include Small & Medium.

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Nasal CPAP Masks

airfit n20 for herResMed AirFit™ N20 Nasal For Her

  • The AirFit™ N20 is simple to put on and fit, without sacrificing performance.
  • The mask provides advanced features like the InfinitySeal™ cushion technology along with plush headgear and a soft, flexible frame.
  • Only offered in a Small.

swift fx nano for herResMed Swift™ FX Nano Nasal For Her

  • ResMed Swift™ Fx Nano for Her features a specially designed cushion and headgear for women.
  • It comes with a pink backstrap, softwraps, and frame.
  • Comes in a Small nasal cushion
  • You can add an X-Small, Small, Medium or Large nasal pillow cushion.

mirage fx for her

ResMed Mirage™ FX Nasal For Her

  • This Mirage™ FX is designed specifically for women.
  • It has a Lightweight frame, pink headgear and comfortable cushion.
  • Sizes include Small & Medium.

airfit n10 for herResMed AirFit™ N10 Nasal For Her

  • The AirFit™ N10 for Her Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear is designed especially for women with small features.
  • The mask offers everything the standard version does, only in a smaller design.
  • Only available in Small.

sleepweaver advance in pinkSleepWeaver Advance Nasal Cloth

  • This SleepWeaver has a new designed headgear with more support and an improved Zzzephyr Seal offers an even better fit and seal.
  • A 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee is offered with this mask.
  • Available in Pink

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Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks

airfit p10 for herResMed AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow for Her

  • The AirFit™ for Her offers the feminine touch with the QuickFit™ dusky pink elastic headgear.
  • The mask suppresses the noise, making it very quiet.
  • Sizes include X-Small, Small & Medium.

swift fx for herResMed Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow for Her

  • The Swift™ FX for Her CPAP mask was designed with a women’s face in mind.
  • The smaller headgear allows for a better seal and the lightweight frame is barely noticeable.
  • Sizes include X-Small, Small & Medium.

swift fx bella for herResMed Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow for Her

  • The Swift™ Bella is a great addition to the FX line of CPAP masks.
  • The Bella loops on this mask fit around your ears for a new comfortable fit.
  • Sizes include X-Small, Small & Medium.

swift lt for herResMed Swift ™ LT Nasal Pillow for Her

  • The Swift™ LT for Her is the first mask designed specially for women.
  • It combines the revolutionary design of the Swift LT  and personalized features a woman’s unique preferences.
  • Sizes include X-Small, Small & Medium.

golife for womenPhilips Respironics GoLife™ Nasal Pillow for Women

  • The GoLife™ for Women is Respironics’ “for her” mask.
  • The headgear and large cushion can be purchased separately.
  • Sizes include Petite, Small, Medium & Large. While supplies last!!!

ms wizard 230Apex Ms. Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow for Her

  • Wizard 230 nasal pillow is available in models for him her.
  • This model offers a light-weight design.
  • Sizes include X-Small, Small & Medium.

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Comfort Products Geared Towards Women

Pad-A-Cheek Products

  • Pad-A-Cheek products are types of soft fleece cloth to make wearing CPAP masks more comfortable.
  • Some examples are Barrel Cozy’s, Mask Liners, and Anti-Leak Straps.
  • Available in multiple colors, including pink & purple.

SnuggleHose Mask Strap Pads

  • Soft fleece pads that fit over the CPAP mask headgear.
  • Some people experience irritation from the headgear, and the strap pads ease that irritation.
  • Available in multiple colors, including pink & purple.

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*A crucial aspect of CPAP therapy is the comfort! If a person is struggling with the comfort of their mask then successful therapy is impossible. Women, in general, have smaller facial features and different muscular structure than men do (A generalization…not meant for every single person). That is why CPAP manufacturers have developed products that are better suited for women and smaller faces.

Happy Fall season and Halloween!

About the Author


Jason Smith is recognized by the board of polysomnographic technologists (BRPT) as a registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) since 2003. He is also Director of Clinical Operations for 6 multi-state sleep diagnostic facilities including the nation’s largest 20 bed sleep disorder testing center. Jason has also been a Co-Author with two research publications featured in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.