ResMed AirSense 10 Series Review

The new AirSense reminds me of a story. A few years ago I was at a sleep conference in Minneapolis talking to Fisher and Paykel representatives over dinner and drinks about their new technology, SenseAwake. After hearing the sales pitch about this new algorithm my immediate interpretation of their description of this technology was to refer to it as an “auto ramp” feature. Fast forward 3 years to the release of the ResMed AirSense™ 10 (commonly referred to as the S10 since it follows the S9 series) and one of the trademark names in the new series of features is AutoRamp™ .  This is such a great concept for new users to CPAP because they frequently wake up multiple times during the night while they adjust to therapy and the overwhelming feeling of high pressure can cause people to take the mask off and toss it on the floor. When you add a feature that drops the pressure back to a low setting and it slowly increases while they fall back to sleep, you have a recipe that enhances the flavor we like to call compliance.

AirSense 10 CPAP by ResMed
New AirSense™ 10 Models of CPAP and AutoSet by ResMed

Compliance, or also referred to as “CPAP Adherence” is the holy grail of the sleep therapy world.  Nationally it is believed to be between 50-60%, meaning almost half of the people that have been prescribed therapy actually use it and 80% of people that suffer from sleep apnea remain undiagnosed. The platform offers many new features that will assist in improving compliance and justify the need to improve on it predecessor platform that we wouldn’t think could be out done, the S9 series. We would like to point out some of the interesting changes that we have read from ResMed’s product literature on this new device. Reviews of the AirSense 10 models should be out soon as more people purchase the product and can rate this product.

Integrated HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier

The new AirSense™ 10 series features a built in heated humidifier with standard hose tubing option as well as the ClimateLineAir™ heated hose tubing that promotes humidity throughout the entire tube. It never really made sense as to why all CPAP units didn’t include a heated humidifier since studies have shown that with the use of humidity compliance is improved and overall pressure needed is less. Display panel allows you to adjust the heater setting from 1-8 and control based on the amount you feel you need to alleviate dryness caused by pressurized air. The ClimateLine series of tubing help those of us that need a little extra humidity that can be lost while the air travels throughout the tubing.


The angle of the device now faces forward and allows a user to adjust the controls while lying in bed instead of sitting up to see the control panel as needed for the S9 series. The humidifier water chamber tub is positioned to the side of the machine and the user can now see the water level as opposed to the S9 series that was a separate closed casing that required you to open the lid to see if a refill was needed.

AirSense Series of CPAP
New Design Features Include Built-In Humidifier


The product line has been trimmed down to AirSense 10 AutoSet, Elite and CPAP (basic entry level model). The Escape™ name seems to no longer be used and changed to simple AirSense™ 10 CPAP. The AutoSet for Her model is still available, however the pink colored machine casing seems to have changed to a toned down flowered design. It is often debated around our office as to why a standard fixed level CPAP model is made when Auto CPAP (APAP) technology offers both auto mode or fixed pressure mode. Differences between basic entry level devices and “Elite” type of devices simply come down to reporting capabilities. These reporting capabilities can be downloaded via a SD card (standard with all units) and a built wireless option that allows data to be seen and changed via cellular communication.

Accessories and Optional Add-On Items

This new series comes standard with therapy device and integrated humidifier, water chamber tub, air tubing, power supply, travel bag, SD card and disposable filter. Additional items can be added as you see fit such as choosing upgrade cleanable water chamber tub with a design life of 2.5 years, DC converter for those that may need to operate the unit from a battery when a wall outlet source is not available. A SD card reader can be purchased for downloading your SD card to your own personal computer for tracking your therapy success. Standard white disposable filter comes standard however a hypoallergenic filter can be used for those with allergies that may be seasonal.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

We are excited about this new platform and encourage all new users of therapy to try this model and let us know how you like it. While we anxiously wait our stock to come in we are accepting pre-orders on this model. Good news to know is that there hasn’t been a price increase over the S9 platform! Also be sure to check out the new line of ResMed CPAP masks to go with this unit such as the P10 nasal pillow mask, the N10 standard nasal, and F10 full face model.