Rio II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

The Rio II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

3B Medical introduces the Rio II™ nasal pillow CPAP mask.

3B Medical Rio II nasal pillow CPAP mask

The Rio II™ CPAP mask was designed for users in search of simplicity. The mask is very compact and therefore, lightweight.

Features of the Rio II™:

  • Lightweight:
    • The mask weighs only 2.3 ounces (headgear included), making it the lightest CPAP mask on the market.
  • Simplistic:
    • The Rio II™ cushions and headgear are easily installed and removed.
  • Ergonomic:
    • The mask, as a whole, was ergonomically designed for optimal comfort to users.
  • Freedom:
    • The rotating ball socket features ultimate range-of-motion, allowing users multiple sleeping positions.
  • Quiet:
    • The Rio II™ cushion creates a comfortable, stable seal that promotes quiet operation of the CPAP system.

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The Rio II™ nasal pillow mask is great for:

  • Users that breathe through their nose.
    • A nasal pillow mask has airflow that goes only through the nose.
  • Users that move frequently throughout the night.
    • The compact, lightweight mask allows for freedom of movement so that users can be comfortable in multiple sleeping positions.
  • Users that have a lower CPAP machine pressure setting.
    • A higher pressure setting may be to powerful for a nasal pillow cushion, because the area that the air flows through is so small.
    • A lower pressure setting would be easier for users through a nasal pillow mask.
  • Users that have a lot of facial hair.
    • Facial hair can get in between the cushion and the skin, therefore disrupting the seal.
    • Nasal pillow cushions create a seal directly with the nostrils, which have no facial hair in the way.

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