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Veterans of CPAP

Veterans day, November 11th, is a day of remembrance. Americans remember the sacrifices that the brave men and women before us endured so that we could be a free nation. We remember our victories and our defeats. We honor our veterans!

In honor of this Veterans day, here are some of the 1800CPAP veterans. These products have proven themselves on the CPAP battlefield. They’ve overcome any obstacles in their way, and have shown to be the top products for the treatment of sleep apnea.

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ResMed Veterans

airsense 10

AirSense™ 10 Machine Series

Released in 2014

The AirSense™ 10 series has multiple versions:

  • CPAP
  • Elite
  • AutoSet™
  • AutoSet™ for Her

Key Features:

  • HumidAir™:  integrated heated humidifier is built in to the CPAP device. You can use the ClimateLine™ Air heated hose tube or a standard SlimLine™ lightweight hose tube.
  • AutoRamp™:  technology starts your therapy pressure at a low setting and increases therapy pressure once sleep onset is detected. This is a great feature for new CPAP users to adjust to pressure as they wake up throughout the night the device will drop the pressure to allow the user to get back to sleep faster without the feeling of an overwhelming high pressure setting and without the need to manually hit the ramp button again.
  • ClimateLine™ Air: The integrated heated humidifier is now a standard feature and the option to purchase with standard SlimLine™ hose tubing or ClimateLine™ heated hose tubing. The heated line tubing is great for people that are sensitive to dryness from the use of CPAP and it promotes humidity throughout the entire hose.
  • Advanced Event Detection:  can tell the difference between obstructive sleep apnea events or central apnea events (central sleep apnea is treated with Bi-level therapy or ASV therapy and is most often not treated with standard CPAP pressure).
  • SmartStart™:  allows you to simply put the mask on and start breathing which will initiate the device to turn on automatically and begin therapy. Please note this setting is not activated when we ship your device unless you specify otherwise.

quattro fx cpap mask

Quattro™ FX Full Face CPAP Mask

Released in 2011

The Quattro™ FX comes in a for Her version as well.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable:  The dual-wall cushion provides a comfortable, effective seal. The cushion also features a contoured membrane around the nasal bridge that reduces soreness, irritation and discomfort.
  • Easy to fit: The spring frame eliminates the need for forehead support and features fewer adjustment points, which makes fitting fast and easy.
  • User friendly:“Set it and forget it” headgear lets you retain the desired settings.
  • Comfort: A custom sizing tool is available to simplify the sizing process. This feature makes it easy to achieve an effective seal the first time, and every time.

mirage fx cpap mask

Mirage™ FX Nasal CPAP Mask

Released in 2015

The Mirage™ FX comes in a for Her version as well.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable: A dual-wall cushion provides even pressure distribution with extra softness at the nasal bridge.
  • Breathable: The headgear is flexible and breathable, improving comfort and support. With the contoured edges, it’s designed to be kind to your face.
  • Stability: The slender and lightweight frame gives patients a stable fit.
  • Flexible: A flex-wing forehead support allows a dynamic range of fit and adjustment without contacting your skin.
  • User friendly: A quick-release elbow allows you to detach their device without having to take off the mask.

swift fx cpap mask

Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Released in 2009

The Swift™ FX comes in a for Her version as well.

Key Features:

  • Soft: From the tip of the nasal pillow to the soft, secure sides with Soft Wraps … the entire system enhances comfort.
  • Stable during movement: Dual-wall pillows and flexible cushion base maintain seal while adapting to movement. Spring-flex lightweight tubing minimizes pull on the mask, enhancing stability.
  • Non-Intrusive: Minimalism reinforces the sense of freedom – in terms of how the user feels and looks.
  • Sleep Position Choices: Swift™ FX users can sleep on their side or their back, positioning the tube as desired.
  • Quiet: Innovative vent design diffuses airflow for quiet mask performance – only 25 dBA.

Philips Respironics Veterans

dreamstation auto cpap machine

DreamStation™ Auto CPAP Machine

Released in 2016

Key Features:

  • User Friendly Design: The DreamStation™ machine weighs only 4.37 lbs lbs. The large navigation dial is intuitive and convenient, with a bright display with simple menus, icons and labels that are easy to understand. The machine’s ambient light sensor adjusts display brightness automatically depending on light levels in the room.
  • Opti-Start: Optimal pressure from the start. The Opti-Start Features starts your therapy at 90% of the pressure reached in the previous session to help address any events that may occur early in your sleep therapy. If you are not satisfied with this feature you have the option to disable it.
  • Flex Comfort: C-Flex, C-Flex+, AFlex, A-Flex Pressure gives you a more natural breathing experience by mirroring the users natural breathing, the algorithms intelligence will respond to the user’s needs on a breath by breath basis. The advanced Digital Auto-Trak algorithm, detects the onset of inhalation and exhalation, to provide a more natural breathing experience.
  • Mask Fit Check: Displays if leaks are detected in the mask. As the mask is adjusted the machine’s display will update to advise if a proper fit is detected.
  • SmartRamp: This feature monitors you and increases pressure only if an event occurs. Traditional ramp is also available if you desire. The pressure therapy range must be greater than 4 cm H2O in order for ramp to be used.
  • Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity and DreamMapper: The Bluetooth is built-in with an SD Data Card for data storage. The Bluetooth connects to the DreamMapper app to track therapy. The DreamMapper app is available on compatible iOS (iOS 6 or newer) and Android devices (2.2 or newer) and can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. iOS and Android device.

amara view cpap mask

Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask

Released in 2015

Key Features:

  • Innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation on the nose bridge.
  • Widest field of vision of all leading full face masks
  • Enables wearing glasses, reading, and watching TV
  • Easy to use with one modular frame for all cushion sizes

comfortgel blue cpap mask

Comfortgel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask

Released in 2010

Key Features:

  • One size fits most premium headgear with EZ Peel tabs, and adjusts in four places.
  • New generation gel technology cushion is soft and conforms to your face for added comfort.
  • Ball-and-socket headgear attachments enable free movement and easy mask removal.
  • Premium forehead pad improves comfort and fit.
  • Stability Selector raises and lowers for the proper mask angle, seal and fit.
  • Angled exhalation micro ports assure quite operation and redirect air away from bed partner.
  • Two 360 degree swivels allow tubing to move more freely.

nuance gel cpap mask

Nuance Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Released in 2013

Key Features:

  • Less nostril discomfort and irritation.
  • Simple mask design that makes it easier to use.
  • Easier to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and changing replacement parts.
  • Comfortable fit choice between Nuance fabric frame or Nuance Pro gel frame.
  • Fewer and less severe red marks than the industry leading pillows mask.
  • Non-slip headgear stays in place during the night.
  • Light-weight and flexible tubing.
  • Conforms to different size nostrils.

Fisher & Paykel Veterans

simplus cpap mask

Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask

Released in 2013

Key Features:

  • Easy Frame: Easy to wear, see and sleep. This low-profile frame is stable, durable, small and ensures a clear line of sight. It has an easy-clip Frame attachment for effortless assembly after cleaning. The ball & socket elbow rotates for freedom of movement reducing drag on the tube.
  • ErgoForm™ Headgear:Stretch and non-stretch panels provide structure and support for optimal usability and performance. This breathable headgear self-locates high on the rear of the head allowing for maximum head movement (side-to-side, up and down) without mask movement.
  • RollFit™ Seal: auto-adjusting to optimize an effective, comfortable seal. The one piece seal rolls back and forth on the bridge of the nose. This automatic adjustment minimizes pressure on the bridge of the nose.
  • Advanced Air Diffuser: designed for minimal noise and draft.

eson cpap mask

Eson Nasal CPAP Mask

Released in 2012

Key Features:

  • RollFit™ Seal: The RollFit™ Seal is a technology developed and trademarked by Fisher & Paykel healthcare. The seal rolls back and forth around your nose. This eliminates pressure from the bridge to give you a comfortable fit.
  • ErgoFit™ Headgear: ErgoFit Headgear is a breathable headgear that was designed with one thing in mind; ease of use. Every aspect of the headgear has the CPAP user in mind. The ErgoFit™ headgear has been designed to self-locate high on the back of your head. It allows for more movement up and down and side to side without compromising the seal.
  • Easy Frame: a one size fit’s all frame that is lightweight and durable.

pilairo q cpap mask

Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Released in 2012

Key Features:

  • Air Pillow Seal: uses CPAP pressure to self-inflate to create an effective seal into the nose. The cushion can move and flex in any direction without compromising the seal.
  • Adjustable Headgear: The adjustable headgear fits a greater range of head sizes and enables sizing adjustment to the patient’s preference.
  • Stretchwise Headgear: the headgear is made from a soft elasticized, latex free thread with stretch properties, it automatically adjusts for a quick easy fit.
  • Frame: low-profile, stable, durable and small, and ensures a clear line of sight. The delivery tube is lightweight, flexible and designed to minimize pressure and pull on the face. The stabilizers provide the support frame for the Air Pillow Seal and aids in stability.
  • Q Cover: Provides quiet use and minimal draft.
  • Ball & Socket Elbow: Rotates for freedom of movement while reducing drag from the CPAP tube.

About the Author


Jason Smith is recognized by the board of polysomnographic technologists (BRPT) as a registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) since 2003. He is also Director of Clinical Operations for 6 multi-state sleep diagnostic facilities including the nation’s largest 20 bed sleep disorder testing center. Jason has also been a Co-Author with two research publications featured in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.